5 Best Climbing Helmets of 2021

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Safety on a climbing trip should be your top priority, so it is great that you have found this article. Climbers have been struck in the head by falling branches, rocks, and ice, so wearing a helmet is important because it will help you avoid getting critically injured. You should always wear your helmet when rock climbing. We will display the best climbing helmet reviews along with the top 10 helmet choices based on factors like price, weight, features, and comfort. Our article will help all climbers who can climb grades of 5.0 (easy) – 5.15 (elite). Plus, we have articles on other topics like the best climbing pants or best climbing harnesses. With all that out of the way, let’s get started with our top picks for the best climbing helmets of 2023.

Enjoy the list, and happy climbing!

Best Climbing Helmets of 2023

1. Black Diamond Vision MIPS


Price: $139.95

Weight: 9.7 oz

Comfort: Very comfortable but a little heavy. The black color may add temperature on sunny days.


  • Comes with a brain protection system
  • durable helmet
  • very adjustable
  • polycarbonate shell
  • ventilation ports help cool you down in high temperatures

This is the best climbing helmet of 2023! Black Diamond is one of the best outdoor gear brands, and they hit the jackpot with this top-rated climbing helmet. The MIPS brain protection helps reduce the impact on your brain when you crash into a wall or fall on your head. It’s a comfortable helmet that will protect you for years to come!

2. Petzl Sirocco


Price: $109.95

Weight: 6.1 oz

Comfort: Super comfortable and lightweight.


  • EPP w/ EPS & polycarbonate crown
  • Very lightweight 
  • Great ventilation
  • Certified for ski touring
  • Headlamp clips

Forget the classic bulky helmet and go with this one that is light as a feather. Climbers from all over love this helmet because it provides fantastic protection but is very comfortable. Plus with the feature of great ventilation, you won’t get as hot. The Sirocco is a great choice for all climbers. It’s one of the best climbing helmets available today!

3. Petzl Meteor


Price: $89.95

Weight: 8.5 oz

Comfort: Comfortable but not super lightweight.


  • Polyester
  • Moderately lightweight
  • Designed with Petzl’s Top and Side Protection
  • Ready for ski touring – ski goggle compatible
  • 2 clips in front and rear to attach headlamp
  • adjustable with slider bar

This helmet is the definition of balling on a budget. For only $89, this helmet is great because it is easily adjustable, relatively lightweight, and is versatile. It has EPS foam construction with a polycarbonate shell so you don’t get as much protection as the helmets listed above. It is just at the line of being affordable enough to be a great helmet for people on a budget. Plus its a CE-certified ski touring helmet that can be used for ski touring/mountaineering.

4. Black Diamond Vapor


Price: $114.60

Weight: 7.0 oz

Comfort: Lightweight and comfortable


  • Lightweight
  • Great ventilation
  • Polycarbonate outside
  • EPS Inner Material

This helmet is going to be very lightweight and comfortable. Almost as if you weren’t wearing a helmet at all. But it is pretty fragile and easy to dent so you need to be careful when handling it. Great for longer hiking trips with some climbing involved. This helmet is not rated for rock falls and you have to be careful through tight places because the polystyrene material will scrape right off. 

5. Mammut Wall Rider


Price: $177.00

Weight: 9.0 oz

Comfort: Comfortable but medium heavy and not very adjustable


  • MIPS Protection
  • 2 clips on front and rubber loop on back
  •  EPP core combined with a partial Hard Shell
  • All-round, fully adjustable chin strap for optimum fit
  • Large ventilation openings for good air circulation and heat discharge

This is a great helmet that will provide a lot of protection in a big fall. It’s light, and comfortable but pretty pricey. I would recommend it for a serious climber because it is durable and will last for years!

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