Top 5 Best Snowboard Parks

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Park snowboards are known for their unique design that emphasizes symmetry, which allows the board to easily ride, take off, or land in either direction. They have a soft to medium flex, allowing for skilled freestyle riding, tricks, and jibbing.

When you are riding, you don’t want to worry if your board can support your aggressive riding style, so it is important to get a high-quality park snowboard that will last. There are 4 main types of snowboard shapes, but Park snowboards usually have a True Twin Outline shape. We will cover the top seven choices for the best park snowboard in 2021. These aren’t the only options out there, but we think these models will help you dominate the slopes this year.

SpecsBrandPriceRatingJump To
Ride Twinpig Snowboard 2021
CAPiTA Outerspace Living Snowboard 2021
Burton Free Thinker Snowboard 2021
Salomon Huck Knife SnowboardSalomon$499.954.50#4
GNU FB Head Space Asym C3 SnowboardGNU$499.994.35#5

Best Park Snowboards of 2021

The top park snowboard of 2021 has been recognized by a variety of snowboard magazines as a fantastic choice for the 2021–2022 season.

1. Ride Twinpig Snowboard 2021/2022 Winter

Ride Twinpig park snowboard 2021

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This is one of the top snowboards of 2021! The snowboard has unique qualities that allow it to spin easily and feel light as a feather when you are jumping. The snowboard is constructed with fiberglass, a sintered base, and double impact plates. With a soft flex and a true twin shape, this is the perfect board to take to the terrain park. Riding a Twinpig will let you butter down the hill with ease and lock into presses. You will spend days shredding with this ride, TwinPig!

2. CAPiTA Outerspace Living Snowboard 2021

Capita 2021

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Send it to the moon with the Outerspace Park Snowboard. It has a raised camber platform through the inserts, which helps you gain speed as you are riding. The board has elevated contact points which allow you to land and float in powder, and traditional tip and tail arcs for smoother transitions. Any futurist will love this board design because it looks like something you would find in 2050. This board looks amazing and has fantastic quality.

3. Burton Free Thinker Snowboard 2021

Burton Free Thinker Park Snowboard

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Why didn’t the ski patrol save the hippie? He was too far out, man. The Burton Free Thinker is an all-mountain freestyle snowboard that has a balanced true twin body. This park snowboard’s tip and tail are milled and blunted out, which helps make aerial tricks easier. The flex on this board is medium to stiff and is great for aggressive riders who want to showcase their speed and agility. If you are out on the groomers, you can butter it up with the Burton Free Thinker. It’s a groovy board for adventure-seeking snowboarders.

4. Salomon Huck Knife Snowboard 2021

Salomon Men's Huck Knife Snowboard

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This is a park board that will be there for you during tough times and huge accomplishments. It is a classic twin-tipped camber snowboard with a rocker profile at the tip and tail to make it easy to shred rails. It’s built with carbon inserts for enhanced popping, rebounding, freestyling, and ollying capabilities. With this park snowboard, you won’t have to worry about missing jumps, frontside hips, and side hits because you will be able to land almost everything with ease.

5. GNU FB Head Space Asym C3 Snowboard

GNU FB Head Space Park Snowboard

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The snowboard is a canvas, and with the GNU Headspace, Forest Bailey has made a brilliant work of art. It expresses your inner desire to be creative, explorative, and unique. With an asymmetrical shape, snowboarders can easily stand on their toes and make clear heel turns. It pairs an aggressive rocker and camber profile with a medium flex board which makes it a board for a more advanced rider.

What Level Of Flex Should You Choose?

Regardless of skill level, soft-medium flex boards are usually best for park snowboarding. Below is a reference for the flex you should choose based on your snowboarding experience.

Beginner: Soft flex

Beginners should use soft flexing boards for buttering, flat-land tricks, spins, and overall easy stuff. Soft Flex is very forgiving for beginners because the board can give more and bend easier. We would caution against using a soft flex board when there are icy/bumpy conditions & when you are riding at higher speeds.

Intermediate: Medium flex

Medium flex is good for experienced snowboarders who want to be able to ride at high speeds or freestyle ride in the park. The boards need to be stiff enough for speed riding because a bit too much flex could sabotage an advanced rider and cause a wipeout.

Advanced: Stiff flex

These boards are not recommended for beginners because they require years of practice and riding. A stiff board requires strong snowboard fundamentals and good technique. An advantage of using stiff snowboards is that they are very stable at high speeds and icy snow conditions.

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