Climb to New Heights: Best Ice Climbing Tools and Gear in 2023

A man with ice climbing tools standing on top of a snowy mountain.
Ice climber with a backpack

Embarking on a frozen vertical journey requires more than just courage; it demands the right set of tools and gear to conquer icy challenges.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the best ice climbing tools and gear in 2023, making sure that you’re equipped for the thrilling ascent.

From ice axes to crampons, ice climbing boots to jackets, we’ve curated a list of top-tier products that promise efficiency, durability, and protection against the extreme cold. Let’s gear up for the ultimate ice-climbing adventure.

1. Petzl NOMIC Ice Axes

Ergonomic Precision for Peak Performance

The Petzl NOMIC Ice Axes redefine efficiency with their ergonomic design, providing precision and control during ice ascents. The curved shaft allows for a natural grip, enhancing swing accuracy. Whether you’re tackling steep ice or mixed routes, the NOMIC Ice Axes deliver unparalleled performance.

2. Black Diamond Viper Ice Tools

Versatile Mastery Over Various Ice Conditions

Black Diamond Viper Ice Tools are a testament to versatility and adaptability on ice. With adjustable components, these tools offer a customized experience, making them ideal for various ice conditions. The stainless steel head offers durability, making the Viper a reliable companion for your frozen pursuits.

3. Grivel G22 CRAMP-O-MATIC Crampons

Technical Excellence for Challenging Ice Climbing

Designed for technical ice climbing, the Grivel G22 CRAMP-O-MATIC Crampons offer high-performance traction on demanding terrain. The 12 points provide secure footing, and the CRAMP-O-MATIC binding system allows a precise fit. Conquer the ice with confidence and stability using these top-tier crampons.

Ice camping boots

4. La Sportiva Nepal Cube GTX Boots

Alpine-Ready Insulated Footwear

La Sportiva Nepal Cube GTX Boots are crafted for alpine adventures, providing insulation and waterproofing for extreme conditions. With a Gore-Tex lining, these boots keep your feet dry, and the insulated design provides warmth during high-altitude climbs. Tackle frozen peaks with confidence and comfort.

5. Arc’teryx Alpha AR Jacket

Durable Shell for Unyielding Protection

The Arc’teryx Alpha AR Jacket stands as a weather-resistant fortress against the harsh elements. Constructed with durable materials, this shell offers reliable protection in unpredictable mountain weather. Elevate your ice-climbing experience with a jacket designed to withstand the challenges of the ascent.

6. Mammut Nordwand Pro HS Suit

Full-Body Protection for Extreme Cold

The Mammut Nordwand Pro HS Suit is more than apparel; it’s a shield against extreme cold and ice. With a full-body design, this suit provides comprehensive protection, making certain that you stay warm and comfortable during the coldest climbs. Conquer the most frigid peaks with the Nordwand Pro HS Suit.

7. Petzl Laser Speed Ice Screw

Efficiency in Ice Screw Design

The Petzl Laser Speed Ice Screw is a pinnacle of efficiency in ice protection. Featuring a unique design for quick and secure placements, this ice screw offers reliability when you need it most. Navigate icy pitches with confidence, knowing your protection is both efficient and effective.

Climbers proceeding to a mountain

8. Camp USA Corsa Nanotech Ice Axe

Lightweight Precision for Technical Climbs

The Camp USA Corsa Nanotech Ice Axe is a lightweight marvel, combining precision with technical prowess. The steel blade enhances performance on challenging climbs, making it an ideal companion for those seeking agility and efficiency on technical ice routes.

9. Black Diamond Cobra Ice Tools

Carbon Fiber Excellence for Lightweight Performance

Black Diamond Cobra Ice Tools redefine performance with carbon fiber shafts, offering lightweight excellence without compromising strength. The ergonomic design provides a comfortable grip, and the precision of these tools makes them a favorite among ice climbers seeking top-tier performance.

10. Grivel G12 New-Matic Crampons

Classic 12-Point Traction for Versatile Climbing

The Grivel G12 New-Matic Crampons are a classic choice for ice and mixed climbing. With 12 points for reliable traction, these crampons excel on various terrains. The New-Matic binding system warrants a secure fit, making them a go-to option for versatile climbing pursuits.

11. Scarpa Phantom Tech Mountaineering Boots

Lightweight Warmth for Ice and Mixed Climbs

Scarpa Phantom Tech Mountaineering Boots strike the perfect balance between lightweight design and warmth. Ideal for ice and mixed climbs, these boots keep your feet insulated without compromising on agility. Conquer frozen landscapes with the confidence of warm and lightweight footwear.

12. Black Diamond Cyborg Pro Crampons

Technical Mastery for Ice and Mixed Routes

Black Diamond Cyborg Pro Crampons represent technical excellence for those venturing into ice and mixed routes. With a modular design and aggressive points, these crampons deliver precision and security on the most challenging ascents. Unleash your technical prowess with the Cyborg Pro.

Two climbers trekking upward

13. Petzl Adjama Harness

Versatile Comfort for Ice and Alpine Climbing

The Petzl Adjama Harness is crafted for versatility and comfort during ice and alpine climbing. With adjustable leg loops and a wide waist belt, this harness provides a secure and comfortable fit. Embark on your ice-climbing adventures with the confidence that comes from a reliable and adaptable harness.

14. Outdoor Research Alti Gloves

Insulated Mastery for Extreme Cold

Outdoor Research Alti Gloves are engineered for extreme cold, providing insulation and protection against icy winds. Designed with Gore-Tex technology, these gloves keep your hands warm and dry during the coldest climbs. Elevate your ice-climbing experience with gloves that prioritize both warmth and dexterity.

15. Edelrid Salathe Helmet

Lightweight Durability for Ice Climbing Safety

The Edelrid Salathe Helmet combines lightweight design with durability, making sure of your safety during ice-climbing endeavors. With a robust construction and comfortable fit, this helmet offers reliable protection without compromising on comfort. Prioritize safety without sacrificing comfort with the Edelrid Salathe Helmet.

16. La Sportiva G2 SM Mountaineering Boot

Warmth and Lightweight Design for High-Altitude Climbs

La Sportiva G2 SM Mountaineering Boots strike the perfect balance between warmth and lightweight design. These boots are crafted for high-altitude climbs and keep your feet warm without weighing you down. Conquer icy summits with the confidence of warm and lightweight footwear.

17. Grivel G1 Ice Axe

Entry-Level Efficiency for Ice Climbing

The Grivel G1 Ice Axe is an entry-level marvel, offering a simple and effective design for those new to ice climbing. With a straightforward yet efficient design, this ice axe provides the necessary tools for learning and mastering the basics of ice climbing.

 Climber using an axe on the snow

18. Black Diamond Express Ice Screws

Fast and Secure Ice Protection

Black Diamond Express Ice Screws are engineered for efficiency, providing fast and secure ice protection during climbs. The easy-to-place design allows quick placements, making them an essential tool for navigating icy pitches with confidence.

19. Rab Neutrino Pro Jacket

Insulated Warmth for Challenging Ice Climbs

The Rab Neutrino Pro Jacket combines insulation with a lightweight design, offering warmth for challenging ice climbs. Whether you’re tackling frozen waterfalls or icy alpine routes, this jacket provides the necessary warmth and flexibility for a comfortable ascent.

20. Petzl Sitta Harness

Compact Lightweight Design for Ice and Mixed Climbing

The Petzl Sitta Harness stands out with its compact and lightweight design, making it an ideal choice for ice and mixed climbing. The innovative Wireframe Technology provides excellent weight distribution and comfort, offering a secure and pleasant climbing experience.

21. Black Diamond Serac Strap Crampons

Versatile Strap-On Crampons for Ice and Snow

Black Diamond Serac Strap Crampons offer versatility for a range of icy and snowy conditions. With a strap-on design, these crampons provide ease of use and adaptability, making them a valuable addition to your ice-climbing toolkit.

22. Arc’teryx Alpha FL Jacket

Lightweight Waterproof Shell for Ice Climbing

The Arc’teryx Alpha FL Jacket is a lightweight and waterproof shell designed for ice climbing. With a focus on minimalism and functionality, this jacket protects against the elements without adding unnecessary weight. Tackle ice-covered peaks with confidence in the Alpha FL Jacket.

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23. Camp USA Photon Carabiners

Lightweight and Strong Carabiners for Ice Protection

Camp USA Photon Carabiners offer a perfect balance of lightweight design and strength, making them essential for ice protection. With a focus on efficiency and reliability, these carabiners provide secure connections during your icy ascents.

24. Scarpa Mont Blanc GTX Boots

All-Around Performance for Ice and Mixed Terrain

Scarpa Mont Blanc GTX Boots are designed for all-around performance on ice and mixed terrain. With a combination of durability, insulation, and versatility, these boots offer the support and comfort needed for conquering a variety of frozen landscapes.

25. Petzl Quark Ice Tools

Modular Excellence for Technical Ice and Mixed Climbs

Petzl Quark Ice Tools stand as modular marvels, offering excellence in technical ice and mixed climbs. With customizable features, these tools adapt to your climbing style, providing precision and efficiency on the most challenging ascents.

A person standing on a glacier

10 Things to Consider When Buying Ice Climbing Tools and Gear

Ice climbing demands specialized equipment to guarantee safety, efficiency, and comfort in extreme conditions. When selecting ice climbing tools and gear, consider the following factors to make informed choices for your ascent:

  1. Type of Ice Climbing

Understanding the type of ice climbing you intend to pursue is crucial. Ice climbing ranges from alpine routes to technical waterfall ice. Different climbs demand specific gear; for example, mixed climbing requires tools suitable for both rock and ice.

  1. Ice Axes and Tools

Choose ice axes or tools that match your climbing style. Modular designs allow customization for technical climbs. Consider the balance between weight, durability, and the ability to perform both ice and mixed climbing.

  1. Crampons

The type of crampons depends on the terrain. For technical ice climbs, vertical front points are crucial, while horizontal front points are better for alpine routes. Consider ease of adjustment and attachment systems.

  1. Boots

Insulated ice camping boots are vital for warmth, but choose a balance between insulation and agility. Lightweight boots are essential for long approaches, while stiffer boots provide better support for vertical ice climbs.

  1. Clothing Layers

Layering is key for temperature regulation during climbs. Choose moisture-wicking base layers, insulating mid-layers, and a waterproof, breathable outer layer to protect against the elements. Make sure of mobility and comfort in your chosen layers.

An ice climber in a red jacket walking downhill
  1. Safety Equipment

Include safety gear like a helmet, harness, and ice screws in your kit. The helmet protects against falling ice, while a harness should be comfortable for extended wear. Ice screws provide anchor points for protection.

  1. Backpack

Consider a backpack with gear loops and attachments for ice tools and crampons. The pack should be large enough for extra layers, food, and a hydration system. Durability and ease of access are essential features.

  1. Gloves

Invest in insulated and waterproof gloves for protection against the cold and wet conditions. Choose gloves that offer dexterity for handling equipment while providing ample warmth for your hands.

  1. Navigation and Communication

A GPS device or map and compass are essential for navigation in alpine environments. Consider a satellite communicator for emergencies. Make certain that your equipment is reliable and can withstand cold temperatures.

  1. Budget and Quality

Quality gear is an investment in safety and performance. While budget considerations are important, prioritize durability and functionality. Cheap gear may compromise your safety and hinder your climbing experience.

Climbers with tools on an ice climbing route

Gear Up to Climb Some Ice with Us!

As you gear up for your ice-climbing adventures in 2023, make sure that you’re equipped with the best tools and gear available. The products listed above are not just equipment; they are companions on your journey to new heights. Backcountry Gear is here to support your passion for ice climbing, offering a platform where you can explore these top-tier products and make informed choices for your next ascent.

Embark on your frozen vertical journey with the confidence that comes from being well-prepared. At Backcountry Gear, we share your enthusiasm for conquering icy challenges and reaching new heights.

Get in touch with us today or visit Backcountry Gear to explore our blogs and learn more about Best Ice Tools for Ice Climbing, camping gear, and hiking gear for your next adventure.

Remember, ice climbing gear and tools are a personal choice, and individual preferences may vary. Consult with experienced climbers, attend gear demos, and consider renting equipment before making significant purchases. Stay informed, stay safe, and enjoy your best hiking poles on amazon!

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