Cooking While Camping: Fool-Proof Tips and Tricks

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Even if you don’t like cooking at home, you might still enjoy campfire cooking!

Camping has become a widely-liked pastime throughout America. More than 57 million US households have reported that they enjoy going camping occasionally. There is so much you can do in the woods while reconnecting with nature. You can engage in outdoor adventures like hiking, have family or friend-bonding moments, and even hone your survivalist cooking skills.

Campfire cooking isn’t as simple as it sounds, though. Campers need to do extensive research when deciding which kitchenware supplies and utensils to carry to their campgrounds. Ineffective camping cookware can truly sour your camping experience. So, follow these tips and tricks for camping in the woods like a pro.

1. Prep and Plan Your Meals Well in Advance

The last thing any camper wants to do is sit at their campsite and chop up vegetables. Prepping your meal the night before you set off on your trip can save you so much time. You can simply cut any vegetables or fruits you intend to cook with and refrigerate them in Ziploc bags overnight. If you are concerned about the ingredients going bad during your camping trip, you could buy a camping cooler. Coolers are great for not only storing your prepped meals but also refrigerating them.

2. Buy Pre-Packaged Foods for Campers

Did you know that there is a huge range of freeze-dried and vacuum-sealed camping foods that you can buy online? Many companies offer delicious and nutritious camping meals. You don’t need an elaborate kitchen setup to make these foods edible either since all they require is some hot water. Just grab a portable fire pit and get started! With most freeze-dried camper meals, you can simply open the pouch, pour in some hot water, and reseal the pouch. Your meal will be ready for consumption within a few minutes. This trick can save you precious time, effort, energy, and money.

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3. Pack Easily-Washable Utensils

The biggest hassle of cooking in the woods is having to do the dishes without a proper sink. Most campers just carry disposable utensils like plastic plates and Styrofoam cups. However, these single-use materials are proven to be extremely harmful to the environment. If you discard these products in or around your campsite, they can stay there for years and contribute to environmental damage.

The better alternative would be to carry easy-to-wash camping utensils and dishes with you. You can easily find silicone or metal bowls, plates, and cups online. You will only need a little amount of water to clean these dishes as long as you use a sponge or microfiber cloth to do it.

4. Choose a Stove that Works for You

When you think of camping, you likely think of roasting marshmallows on large campfires. Unfortunately, building such big campfires is becoming less feasible and more hazardous for American campers. You might not want to cut or carry logs of wood around simply because this task is too physically demanding.

Luckily, you have other choices for campsite cooking! You can explore options for affordable, small, and compact camp stoves that you can take on your trip. You can also choose between canister stoves, liquid fuel stoves, alcohol stoves, wood stoves, and portable fire pits. You can even take a grill with you if you’re feeling fancy.

5. Invest in Quality Iron Cookware

The material your cookware is made out of matters a great deal when you’re cooking outdoors. There are environmental factors and safety hazards involved with using the wrong camping cookware. According to camping aficionados, iron cookware is the best to use when cooking on a campsite. This is largely because iron is a great conductor of heat, making your cooking process much smoother. It also retains heat for a longer period of time than some other metals. This can be a great benefit for keeping your camping meals fresh throughout the night.

Iron cookware on a small camping stove in the mountains

You can read some camping iron cookware reviews online to find effective and safe cooking pots. You don’t even have to carry a large number of pots and pans to have a good time cooking outdoors. A premium-quality cast iron pan can go a long way during and after your camping trip.

6. Don’t Forget the Necessary Stove Accessories

Campfire safety is a critical factor to consider any time you’re planning a camping trip. If you don’t set your camping kitchen up properly, it can lead to significant fire hazards and subsequent injuries. You can easily avoid this problem by investing in some necessary stove accessories.

If you’re planning on using a compact stove for your camping cookware, make sure to take a stove stand with you too. A stove stand can provide extra stability and ground cover when you’re cooking. This can prevent the grass beneath your stove from catching on fire. Harsh winds are also a concern when cooking outdoors, so you could also benefit from a stove windscreen.


Cooking on a camping trip can be simple and even enjoyable as long as you prepare for it smartly. Investing in high-quality camping cookware can help you avoid hazardous situations that would otherwise lead to injuries. Just make sure to plan this aspect of your camping trip out ahead of time. When the time comes, you will be ready to have a positively memorable trip without any hassles. Happy camping!

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