Find the Perfect Campsite with These 7 Tricks

If your summers aren’t all about camping, you’re missing out!

Packing hefty camping gear and setting off toward the wilderness is something millions of American families look forward to every summer. There are hundreds of camping grounds that you can explore in the nation’s incredible natural parks and forests. However, every camping ground or campsite is not always suitable for all campers. In fact, finding a good campsite for your unique camping requirements is a highly subjective task.

Many rookie campers think that they will have a good trip as long as they take the best tents for campers with them but that’s not always true. If you can’t find a campsite that can accommodate your camping gear and tent properly, it can still ruin your trip.

So, here are some tricks to help you find your ideal campsite.

1. Read Online Camping Reviews

Only experienced campers can gauge the suitability of a campsite without being much familiar with it. Even with their insight, they still often require in-depth information to find a good campsite. You can greatly benefit from reading camping reviews on online backcountry resource sites before planning your trip. Try to find online blogs about the best camping gear and the most popular campsites in your region. Informative camping and hiking reviews written by experienced outdoor adventurers can help you learn where to find good campsites near you. They can also help you find the right camping tent for the camping space you choose. The Coleman Sundome Amazon Tent and the OT QOMOTOP Amazon Tent are popular choices across the US.

2. Find Flat and Level Grounds

Nobody likes setting their camping tent up or down a slope. Since many camping grounds are made on uneven terrains, this is a common problem. You can easily avoid this problem by searching for even and flat grounds. Try to find a potential campsite that is level and does not have any bumps or dips. Uneven camping grounds can not only make it difficult to set up your camping tent but can also disturb your sleep. Uneven grounds can also mess up your sleep posture, which can lead to back pain and stiff neck problems. So, make sure to find a camping ground that is flat, clean, and even.

A camping tent on an empty plot of land

3. Make Space for Your Gear

Every smart camper takes a backpack full of the best camping gear they could find on their trip. They then need to find enough space on their campsite to keep all of their camping gear safe. This makes it clear that having sufficient space for your camping gear is a necessity. So, find a campsite that can comfortably accommodate all of your camping gear, including your camping iron cookware, camping tent, camping backpacks, and backpacking sleeping bag. Remember that even the vehicle you travel in and park around your campsite can also count as camping gear. So, make sure your campsite has enough space for that as well.

4. Look for Shade and Security

The whole point of camping is to get in touch with nature. Unfortunately, nature can be harmful to human beings sometimes. Try to avoid camping in an area that is completely exposed to direct sunlight. Not only can harsh direct sunlight give you sunburn, but it can also ruin your sleep quality. If you don’t plan on waking up right after sunrise, then find a campsite with some shade. Camping in an area surrounded by giant trees can be intimidating. However, it can also be more suitable and secure since the trees can reduce the amount of sunlight hitting your tent as you sleep. If you do want to enjoy some sunlight, pick a tent with screens. The Coleman Dome Amazon Tent and the Core Instant Cabin Amazon Tent are great options.

5. Pay Attention to the Surrounding Trees

Falling trees are a big danger of camping in forests. You should pay attention to the trees near your campsite before you set your camping tent up. Unhealthy and weak trees are notorious for destroying their surroundings during harsh weather conditions. If you are camping in a region that has storm forecasts during your camping trip, make sure to prepare against storms accordingly. This includes choosing a campsite at least 200ft away from large trees. Remember, unhealthy trees can easily fall due to rough winds on stormy nights. So, make sure to check weather forecasts before planning your trip and pick a campsite away from weak rustling trees.

An orange and grey camping tent on a field next to the ocean

6. Consider Water Drainage

Water drainage is another important factor to consider if you are camping on a rainy or stormy night. Many camping grounds have slight slopes or dips in the ground where you are supposed to set up your camping tent. While these dips can keep your tent sturdy in sunny weather, they can also cause water to pool around your tent during rainy nights. An easy way to avoid this is to assess the water drainage features of your campsite. Make sure you aren’t camping too close to a stream or lake because they can flood your tent during storms. Instead, find a campsite that slopes away from where you plan on setting up your tent.  

7. Keep Your Tent Size in Mind

Lastly, make sure to take a high-quality camping tent with you. Depending on how many people plan on sharing a tent, its size might exceed that of the space allowed on your campsite. To avoid this, try to find a campsite that can accommodate all of the camping tents you will bring. Even the best tents for campers can sustain serious damage if forced into a space too small for them.

Happy camping!

A large orange camping tent surrounded by giant trees

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