Going Camping for the First Time? Here’s What You Need

The best camping gear includes a dog sleeping in the back seat of a vehicle.

After being stuck indoors for a long time, a camping trip can re-energize you!

According to some reports, more Americans are now taking to the woods for camping and hiking adventures than ever before. They are also doing it more often, something they need to take time out of their busy schedules for. The great thing about camping is how simple it can be once you have the basics figured out. It can also do wonders for your mental well-being by enabling you to connect with nature.

There are some essentials every new camper should know about. Since you are too far from home when on a camping trip, it’s important to ensure you take everything you could possibly need with you. The following list of camping gear for beginners can help you have the trip of a lifetime!

Preparing for the Trip

You need to prepare for the hike or walk to your campground before you set up your camping tents or makeshift kitchen. Many beginner campers don’t prepare for this initial step appropriately. Here’s a list of basic camping gear every beginner should plan out first and foremost.

ü Camping Footwear

The most important part of your camping apparel is the footwear you choose for it. This is particularly important if you will be hiking to get to your campground. Slips and falls account for the largest percentage of all hiking/camping-related injuries, so invest in the best camping boots! You can find a wide range of high-quality camping boots for men and women by brands like Merrell and La Sportiva.

ü Camping Backpack

You will always need to carry a large amount of camping gear and supplies on your trip. Most of these supplies can fit in a well-designed camping backpack. You can look for backpack reviews online to find one that offers a lot of space. Your camping backpack should also be durable and lightweight so you don’t break your back trying to carry it around. Brands like Osprey and Arc’teryx offer an exceptional range of camping backpacks for beginners!

A woman camping in a tent with her dog

ü Dog Gear

Will you be taking your dog on your camping trip? You need to prepare accordingly! Invest in premium quality dog gear, including leashes, harnesses, collars, and dog packs. It’s also important to prepare your fur baby in a climate-appropriate way. If it’s snowing, find a pair of high-quality dog boots to keep your pup’s paws safe.

ü Navigation Tools

It is easier to lose your way through the wilderness than you might think. Don’t forget to keep a GPS and/or compass with you for smooth navigation. In snowy terrains, it can also be highly beneficial to keep an avalanche beacon/transceiver on you so others can locate you in case of an emergency.

Sleep and Security

Once you have reached your campground, you will need to start putting your sleeping and security gear in place. Below is a list of essentials you will need for an overnight, or multiple-night, stay in the wilderness.

ü Camping Tent

Often the most fun part of camping is staying in the woods overnight. However, this can be an uncomfortable and risky situation if you don’t prepare appropriately. A camping tent is one of the most important parts of camping gear for beginners.

It’s important to choose a tent that not only offers you privacy but also protection. The best Amazon tents for campers are designed to be weather-appropriate, sturdy, and customizable. You should get a tent that can be zipped up for added privacy. Consider whether you will need tarps, bivies, bug shelters, or tent lights.

ü Sleeping Bags and Pads

Even the best camping tents will not be comfortable to sleep in without a sleeping bag. You can find the best budget sleeping bags that are coated with down or synthetic fibers. These sleeping bags can be highly comfortable when combined with self-inflating sleeping pads.

A lit up camping tent in a forest at night

ü Wild Animal Protection

The woods are the territories of wild animals like bears. When you’re staying in their territory, you need to be fully prepared to ward them off if they try to approach you. You can do this by investing in some bear-repellent holster sprays. Bears are also notorious for stealing campers’ food, so grab a bear-safe canister for secure food storage.

ü Food and Hydration

A camping trip isn’t complete without outdoor cooking. You will likely need to pack some camping iron cookware and other makeshift kitchen accessories for your trip. There are many types of outdoor camping stoves that you can choose from. Whether you want a canister stove, liquid fuel stove, or wood stove, you can buy one from online stores like Back Country Gear. Don’t forget to take pre-packaged camping food, matchsticks or gas canisters, and bowls & plates with you.

Hydration is also very important. Invest in some high-capacity flasks that offer insulation so that your drinks stay cool for longer.

Happy camping!

A person holding camping iron cookware over a fire on the beach

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