How Mountaineering Can Change Your Life

A woman is standing on top of a mountain, displaying the victory sign with her arms outstretched.

“Why would anyone risk their life climbing mountains?”

This is a question most people who have never gone mountain climbing or ‘mountaineering’ always ask. It’s a valid question, given the dangers of this challenging outdoor activity. However, as most seasoned climbers will tell you, mountaineering is one of the best hobbies you can pick up in your youth. After all, there must be a reason that over 10 million Americans actively participate in this sport every year!

If you are new to mountain climbing or looking to engage in it for the first time, you’re probably wondering what you have to gain from this activity. Well, here are some of the top lifestyle benefits you can get from mountaineering.

· It Helps You Stay in Touch with Nature

Living in modern cities and towns can deprive you of a connection with nature. Even if you live near beautiful natural landscapes, you likely don’t interact with them often. Mountaineering can solve this problem for you. Picking up this activity allows you to get closer to nature than you would otherwise. It enables you to get up close and personal with magnificent natural structures, which is a privilege many people never get.

So, if you live near a popular mountaineering spot like the Red Rock Canyon or Yosemite Valley, take advantage of it and go climbing!

· You Make Connections with Like-Minded People

Making friends gets much harder as you grow older. If you are over the age of 25, you probably know this all too well. If you want to continue meeting new people, it’s important to invest in activities and hobbies that allow you to socialize in your mid-twenties. Mountaineering is a great option!

Since mountain climbing is a risky sport, you will always need to go climbing with a group. Finding a local mountaineering group will allow you to connect with other like-minded individuals near you. Since you and your fellow climbers share this common interest, you will also likely have other similarities. Ultimately, mountaineering can be a great tool for socializing.

A woman climbing a mountain using ropes and pulleys

· You Get to Witness Incredible Views

All of the popular climbing spots in the US are located in areas people don’t typically visit. The most common reason Americans head to the great mountains is to climb them. This means that mountaineering enables you to visit relatively unknown locations across the US. As a mountain climber, you get to witness incredible landscapes that very few get to see. Climbing to the peaks gives you a unique aerial view of the city and wilderness around you.

So, don’t forget to carry a camera in your mountaineering backpack to capture those unforgettable views! There is also a great sense of accomplishment that you get when you finish a climb. For most climbers, the views and the sense of accomplishment are what make mountain climbing worth the effort.

· It Helps You Develop Great Qualities

Do you struggle with being patient and making calculated decisions in your daily life? If so, then mountaineering might be your unexpected solution to these problems. Climbing takes a lot of effort, time, energy, and care. You cannot exhibit any of these behaviors unless you can learn to be patient. This is why regularly going mountain climbing can make you develop great personal qualities like patience.

It enables you to be more aware of your surroundings, anticipate changes and prepare for them better, and celebrate your smaller achievements more deeply. All of these qualities help enrich your life outside of climbing, too!

· It Makes You Stronger and Healthier

The health and fitness benefits of mountaineering are arguably the activity’s biggest appeal. Since mountaineering is a physically demanding sport, it requires a lot of upper and lower-body strength. For those who want to stay physically active but don’t want to go to the gym, mountaineering is a great alternative. This activity is known to enhance your handgrip strength, endurance, lower-limb pedaling power, and upper-body strength.

Mountain climbing can even have mental health benefits like reduced stress and anxiety, increased relaxation, and improved self-confidence.

A group of mountain climbers with trekking poles

How to Get Started with Mountain Climbing

Now that you know how mountaineering can help you, it’s time to start preparing for it! Follow these three steps to have the best mountaineering experience ever.

1. Join a Local Mountaineering Group

Finding the right people is always the first step when starting a new adventure. A group of passionate and genuine climbers can make all the difference in your climbing journey. Try to find local mountaineering groups in your town through social media or mountaineering websites. Fun-loving mountaineers are always welcoming to new climbers, so don’t hesitate to reach out to them in your locality! Once you find a group, gather as much information about their next climbing trip as you can.

2. Invest in Quality Mountaineering Gear

You cannot go mountain climbing without the necessary gear. Start by searching for the best mountaineering backpacks like the Osprey Mutant 38 or the Arc’teryx Alpha FL 45, the best climbing helmet reviews, and other important information online. Reading reviews on sites like Back Country Gear can help you get valuable insight into what products are popular among local mountaineers. Here’s a list of the main items you will need:

  • Mountaineering boots for men and women
  • A spacious mountain climbing backpack
  • Sturdy mountain climbing ropes
  • A high-quality climbing helmet
  • Climbing body harnesses
  • Premium trekking poles on Amazon

3. Make a Suitable Schedule for Climbing

After you have acquired the right climbing gear and found a mountaineering group, schedule your first or next climbing trip. Keep in mind that mountain climbing can take hours. So, make sure that you take sufficient time out of your schedule for your trip. Scheduling your adventure for the weekend might be a good idea. Make sure your availability syncs up with the rest of the group.

Good luck and happy climbing!

A man carrying a mountaineering backpack and trekking poles climbing large rocks

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