Mountain Climbing – Can Everyone Do It?

A man is scaling a cliff during mountain climbing, using a rope for support.

When you think of climbing mountains, Mount Everest is probably the first to come to mind.

Everyone fantasizes about experiencing Mount Everest’s magnificence at some point in their life. About 600-800 brave adventurers actually reach the summit of the world’s tallest mountain every year. The pursuit of conquering Everest is also what makes many people want to become mountaineers. However, this goal is not all there is to mountain climbing!

Mountain climbing has become increasingly popular in the US over the past century. This is all thanks to the mountain ranges you can find in national parks across the country. Unfortunately, mountain climbing is not for everyone. Even if you are passionate and have the best mountaineering gear, you might still have to sit this outdoor activity out.

Let’s discuss some effective mountaineering tips for climbers to help you stay safe.

Who Should Avoid Mountain Climbing

There are more Americans engaging in mountain climbing than ever now. Many of them are young adults with an adventurous outlook on life. Mountaineering can have many physical and mental health benefits for most climbers. However, this activity can do more harm than good to certain types of people.

If you have any kind of joint pain, be it chronic or acute, then mountaineering is not suitable for you. Patients with conditions like arthritis and osteoporosis should avoid physically challenging sports like mountain climbing. While this activity might not increase your chances of developing bone and joint problems, it can make the symptoms worse for patients who already have them.

You should also avoid mountain climbing if you struggle with breathing issues like asthma. The extensive exercise and physical exertion involved in climbing can trigger breathing problems. Higher altitudes can do the same since you get less oxygen as you approach them.

A male mountain climber using his mountaineering gear

Skills You Need to Become a Mountaineer

You should know about the necessary set of skills and mountaineering safety tips for climbers before you start climbing. Knowing the skills you need to become a mountaineer can help determine if the activity is right for you. Physical skills aside, let’s have a look at some mental skills you need to succeed as a climber.

· Problem-Solving Skills

No matter how well you plan your climb, mountains are always unpredictable. A good mountaineer knows how to prepare for and navigate dangers appropriately. You should have good problem-solving skills to help you think on your feet in case of an emergency. Efficient problem solvers can help themselves and others by quickly assessing risks, tending to injuries, and escaping from dangerous situations.

· Interpersonal and Communication Skills

Mountains are extremely dangerous to navigate alone. As a beginner, you are likely to go climbing with a group of other climbers. Interpersonal skills can help you communicate with your climbing party more effectively. They also enable you to navigate tough situations that require teamwork. Having good communication skills will better equip you to use navigational commands when and as needed.

· Patience and Perseverance

You cannot be a good mountaineer without patience and perseverance. As a climber, you should have the ability to overcome unexpected challenges. Patience and endurance play a significant role as well. Many climbers set unachievable goals for themselves because they want to stand out. Trying to achieve such goals can make you impatient and reckless. So, try to improve your patience and perseverance skills before you go climbing.

· Navigation Skills

Navigation skills are necessary for mountain climbing. You should know how to effectively use the navigation tools in your mountaineering backpack. Tools like compasses, topographic maps, and GPS devices can be helpful, but they can’t warn climbers of any approaching hazards. Only your solid navigational skills can help you identify rough terrains and avoid crevasses while climbing a mountain.

A mountain climber holding a rope staked on a mountain

Mountain Climbing Safety Tips

Even if you don’t have medical conditions that stop you from mountain climbing, you should still practice caution. A lot can go wrong during mountaineering, so follow these mountaineering safety tips for climbers.

1. Invest in Proper Mountaineering Gear

First things first, you need proper mountaineering gear to safely navigate those giant rocks! Invest in high-quality mountaineering boots like Salomon’s Quest 4 or Merrell’s Moab Ventilator. They will not only protect your feet from blisters or frostbite but also prevent slips and falls. You can also look for the best mountaineering backpacks available on Amazon.

The Osprey Mutant 38, Arc’teryx Alpha FL 45, and Patagonia Ascensionist 35 backpacks are spacious, durable, and weatherproof. For additional safety, try to find the right body harnesses, sturdy climbing ropes, and the best climbing helmets.

2. Keep a Medical First-Aid Kit

You should always carry a medical kit despite how confident you might be in your ability to complete a climb unscathed. Mountain climbing injuries are fairly common, so it is important to tend to them immediately. Leaving scratches, wounds, blisters, or cuts untreated can cause infections and irritation.

3. Know When and How to Call for Help

There could be situations where you are separated from your group and require urgent assistance. In such cases, you should have access to an emergency whistle, transceiver, or any other signaling device. This tool should let your partners know that you need assistance. You should call for help as soon as you find yourself in a concerning situation.

Have a safe climb!

A climber with a yellow backpack and red beanie standing in front of mountains

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