Mountain Hardwear Space Station Tent Review

mountain hardwear space station

Camping can be tough when you have to stay in a small tent only built for 1-2 people. If you want a tent built for 15 people, this is the tent for you! This is an awesome tent for a large group on a camping trip. If you want something to fit all your traveling buddies or extended family in, this will be a good choice. It’s a tent designed to withstand cold weather so it’s a great choice for a winter camping trip.

How many people fit in the Mountain Hardwear Space Station Tent?

This tent was built for 15 people to sleep in. However, it can allow for 20 people to stand inside it and it has 3 doors. The floor area of 284 ft2 is similar to that of a micro apartment in San Fransisco which is shown in this video. Check out the video below to see this tent’s size and how to put it together.

Product Review – Space Station Tent

I went camping with 10 other friends for a few days and we used this tent to sleep in. It was big enough for us to each have enough space to lay out comfortably. It was very durable and didn’t budge easily when it got a little windy. I would recommend this product for the winter season because it retains heat very well. It does not hold up as well in the rain because there is a flat spot on top of the tent where water can pool. Not sure why they designed a tent this way because if there is enough water, it would create a bulge of water which may start leaking.

It’s a light tent for a geometric dome but it can hold weight pretty well so you don’t need to worry about it caving in from a small snowstorm. That may not be the case for a strong blizzard however. 

I would love to take this tent on a hiking trip on Mt. Everest. If you are gonna buy this, maybe try to split the cost between a group of friends or your partner because it is a pricey purchase. It is worth the money because it will last for a while and the memories from it are priceless.

white and blue mountain hard wear tent with structure supports

Product Review – February 21,2021

20 Elite Features of the Mountain Hardwear Space Station Tent

  1. Freestanding domed shape minimizes wind load
  2. Three large doors w/ dual slider zipper for easy entry & exit
  3. Perimeter snow flaps & internal perimeter skirt
  4. UVX windows offer a brighter interior & visibility of exterior conditions
  5. Industry leading DAC press-fit poles
  6. New intuitive color-coding makes set up easier
  7. Full coverage rainfly w/ rainguard pole insert keeps inside dry in wet weather
  8. O-rings at pole intersections for internal guy system
  9. Internal guy system & reflective zipper pulls
  10. Zippered top thru-vent & ten lower adjustable vents control airflow
  11. Internal pockets help keep you organized
  12. High quality DAC J-stakes
  13. Includes expedition duffel bag, guy out line & line tensioners
  14. Internal perimeter skirt provides off ground space and can seal tent with optional footprint
  15. UVX windows for a brighter interior and visibility of exterior conditions
  16. Zippered top through-vent and 10 lower adjustable vents control airflow
  17. Free of flame-retardant chemicals
  18. Three doors with dual-slider zipper for easy entry/exit
  19. Large enough for 15 people
  20. Durable & wind resistant
red white and blue mountain hard wear tent
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