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Tent Footprint Guide

What is a Tent Footprint?

tent footprint helps protect the floor of your tent from wear and tear. That’s because your activity in the tent will push your tent’s fabric into the ground, which wears off the waterproof coating and may damage the fabric. Simple motions like rolling over in your sleep or getting into the tent may lead to fabric damage if you don’t have a tent footprint. Explore the full collection of REI Tent Footprints here!

How Does a Tent Footprint Work and Protect Your Tent?

A tent footprint should be fitted to the exact dimensions of your tent. It goes under the base of your tent which helps reduce the friction between the bottom of your tent and the ground. A tent footprint is a good investment because it will protect your tent by preserving the waterproof coating under your tent base and avoiding fabric tears.

In this video, an expert will show you how to lay out your tent footprint and set it up with your tent. Just so you are aware, he refers to the tent footprint as a groundcloth.

Do I Need a Tent Footprint?

Yes, I would strongly recommend buying a tent footprint. Tents have a measure of fabric toughness called Denier. Denier (D) measures the weight of a fabric’s thread, and the higher the denier rating, the thicker and tougher the fabric will be. (SwitchbackTravel) Our blog is aimed at the average consumer looking to get away for the weekend. A tent footprint is gonna prolong the life of your tent and it doesn’t add that much extra weight or cost. You can opt for an ultralight tent footprint or even a DIY Footprint.

Recommended for campers: REI Co-op Half Dome SL 2+ Tent with Footprint

DIY Tent Footprint

Tent Footprint vs Tarp Explained

Tarps are placed under the tent to protect it from tears and to prevent moisture from penetrating inside the tentTarps tend to be much thinner than most tent footprints, so they will not offer the same level of comfort as the latter. Tent Footprints offer more comfort and better waterproofing qualities. Tarps are good for flat grass areas while tent footprints are good for flat grass areas and rough terrain.

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Which Tent Footprint Should I Choose?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer because the tent footprint should be the same size as your tent’s base. And not all tents are made equally in terms of size, materials, and brands. If you want a new tent that comes with a footprint then I would recommend the Half Dome Collection at REI. Expensive tents like the Mountain Hardwear Space Station have an expensive footprint. So here are less expensive options for common tents:

$20-$50 Tent Footprint Options – REI

$50+ Tent Footprint Options – REI

All Tent Footprints – Amazon

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