The Importance of Finding the Right Hiking Boots for Men

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This is the perfect time to let your adventurous side shine again!

As summer approaches, hikers all across America gear up to visit their favorite trails again. More than half of these hikers are men, according to statistics. For male hikers, finding hiking gear that is both efficient and durable can be a life-or-death situation. This is particularly important when it comes to finding the best hiking boots for men. If your hiking shoes don’t fit properly or aren’t of the right material, your safety could be in jeopardy while navigating those rough terrains.

To understand the importance of finding the right hiking boots, you should understand your options first. Let’s start by exploring your options!

Types of Hiking Boots for Men

There is more than one type of shoe you can wear when hiking, depending on the intensity of your hike. You will likely come across the following types of hiking shoes when shopping.

· Casual Hiking Shoes

Casual hiking shoes are designed for men who intend on having a light hike in the daylight. They are similar to regular running shoes but usually have a tougher exterior. This tough exterior helps protect while also offering a lightweight quality. You can find a great range of hiking shoes by brands like Merrell and Salomon online.

· Hiking Boots

Regular hiking boots are designed for taking short hikes with light backpack loads. While they still provide protection from rough terrains, hiking boots for men are typically more flexible than other heavy boots. Many hikers like wearing ankle hiking boots like the Moab 3 Mid by Merrell and the Cross Hike 2 Mid Gore-Tex by Salomon.

· Backpacking Boots

If you plan on going on a hiking trip for multiple days, you will also likely carry heavy backpacks during it. For such trips, you can find specifically-designed backpacking boots for men. Brands like La Sportiva offer a great range of backpacking shoes for men, including their famous Ultra Raptor II Mid GTX boots that can withstand long and rough hikes.

· Mountaineering Boots

For more ambitious hikers who hike in rough terrains like mountains and ice glaciers, there are specific mountaineering boots on the market. The best mountaineering boots for men can remain sturdy and durable even when tested during ice climbing or mountain climbing ventures.

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Why You Should Find Suitable Hiking Boots

Did you know that slips and falls account for a significant portion of all deaths that occur in US national parks? This is the main reason you should be concerned about wearing the right boots while hiking.

Wearing hiking boots that are either too large or too small for your feet can heavily limit your mobility. When hiking in rough terrains, it’s important to do it comfortably. You should never wear slippery shoes that easily slide off your feet while hiking. Shoes that are made of the wrong material can also cause you to get blisters, cold sores, or plantar fasciitis. So, the safer option is always to spend a little extra time looking for suitable hiking boots.

Tips for Finding the Perfect Hiking Boots for Men

Now that you know the importance of finding the right hiking boots, here are some tips to help you do it.

1. Measure Your Size Properly

Whether you’re looking for the best hiking gear online or in physical stores, finding your exact size is crucial. Grab a measuring tape and take a sufficient amount of time to measure your feet size. Start by placing the measuring tape on the edge of your heel and dragging it all the way to the tip of your longest toe. Note down the measurements in inches and centimeters. Make sure to measure both feet since your feet can sometimes be slightly different sizes. Also, remember to measure later in the day because your feet can swell a little throughout the day.

2. Make Room for Socks

A common mistake many hikers make is not thinking about socks when measuring their boot size. You don’t wear regular socks made of thin material when hiking. You will likely need to wear synthetic socks instead. So, consider how much thickness your socks will add to your feet when you’re buying hiking boots. If you buy hiking boots for men that are perfectly snug on your bare feet, wearing them with socks might make them tighter than you intended. Avoid this problem by sizing up a few centimeters when buying hiking boots.

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3. Consider the Cut

There are three main types of cuts you can find on hiking boots: low, mid, and high. Low-cut hiking boots are great for light hiking, while high-cut hiking boots offer more ankle support during intensive hikes. Consider the cut of the boots when shopping so that your toes, heel, and ankles are all supported and protected during your hike.

4. Find the Right Material

The type of material your boot is made out of impacts various factors. For example, full-grain leather or Nubuck leather hiking boots offer exceptional support in rough terrains but aren’t very breathable. Meanwhile, hiking boots made of synthetic materials like polyester and nylon are much more breathable but not as durable. Find boots made out of a material that can address your concerns effectively. Make sure to look for waterproof hiking boots, too!

5. Pay Attention to the Insole

Insoles can be extremely uncomfortable if they aren’t suitable for you. It’s important to pay attention to the insoles of any shoes you’re interested in buying. High-volume insoles are perfect for heavy hiking. You can even look for footbeds for added comfort and better mobility.

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