The Pros and Cons of Sharing a Camping Tent

A group of friends sharing a tent while playing guitar.

Are you making the most out of your camping trips?

Hundreds of families and friend groups across the nation head to the woods every camping season. As fall approaches, self-proclaimed camper families start preparing for their camping trips. Campers always have to decide whether to carry individual tents or share large ones during the planning phase. If you are going camping for the first time, this choice becomes even trickier.

Don’t worry, though! Go through the following pros and cons of sharing camping tents to figure out what works best for you.

Pros of Sharing a Camping Tent

The ultimate choice between sharing a tent and having your own is very subjective to each person. However, there can be certain factors that you have to compromise on when camping in the woods. Let’s start by discussing the top three benefits of sharing camping tents.

· Easier to Pack and Carry

You cannot go camping without all the necessary camping gear you need. It can be difficult to carry big tents for campers, camping iron cookware, hydration supplies, and other things to your campsite. So, it is important to find the most space-saving and lightweight camping tents on Amazon. If you get a compact tent made for 2 or more people, it can be easier to pack it in your camping backpack. Sharing camping tents also removes the need to carry more single-person tents. Instead of taking 4 tents for 4 campers, you could just take 1 or 2!

The Core Extended Dome Amazon Tent is a great tent for sharing among friends or family.

· Shorter Setup Time

Assembling and setting up tents can be a fun bonding experience. However, this activity can quickly turn annoying if your camping tents take too much time to set up. A good thing about sharing camping tents is the reduced setup time you will have to deal with. Having fewer tents to set up means you will have to spend less time hammering spikes and attaching poles. The best Amazon tents for campers all have quick and easy setups for this purpose. Examples include the OT QOMOTOP Amazon Tent and the Coleman Cabin Amazon Tent.

Two young boys setting up a camping tent

· More Secure and Safe

Safety is often the biggest concern related to camping in the woods. It is possible for an intruder or a wild animal to stumble upon your camping tent. There have been many instances of campers and hikers getting attacked by bears in parks like Yellowstone. In case something like this happens during your trip, it is much better to be around a family member or friend who can help you escape. This makes sharing your camping tent with at least one other person a safer choice than sleeping in one by yourself.

Cons of Sharing a Camping Tent

Now that you know why it can be good to share a camping tent with others, let’s take a look at some of its cons.

· No Privacy

If you are someone who greatly values privacy and alone time, then sharing a camping tent is not going to be fun for you. There is no shame in preferring more privacy than some other people do. However, this preference can be a problem when you are on a camping trip. Take your need for personal space into consideration when deciding if you would like to share a tent with someone. Sharing camping tents forces two or more people into a confined space. This can feel claustrophobic if you are not used to it.

Not all hope is lost, though. You can easily find Amazon tents for campers that address your privacy concerns. For example, the Core Instant Cabin Amazon Tent has a room divider in it so you can have your own sleeping space!

A woman sleeping in a camping tent

· Limited Space and Comfort

There is only so much space you can get to yourself in a tent meant for more than two people. It can be uncomfortable to keep all your stuff and sleep in the same tent as other people. The storage space required for your camping gear and supplies is also important to consider when looking for camping tents on Amazon. Make sure that your tent has enough space to hold your sleeping bag or mattress as well. Limited space not only makes you physically uncomfortable but can also disturb your sleep.

· Potential Disturbances

Do you or the people you will be sharing a tent with snore? If so, then that is a potential disturbance that every camper in the tent should prepare for. You might have to deal with more disturbances when sharing a camping tent than you would if you were sleeping alone. Someone snoring, twisting around, leaving the tent to use the bathroom, or doing any other noisy act can disturb your sleep. If you are a light sleeper, you would be better off sleeping in an individual tent like the Wakeman Outdoors Amazon Tent.


Camping is supposed to be a fun and relaxing activity. Making the wrong camping tent arrangements can disturb your sleep and ruin your mood. So, consider factors that are subjective to your preference when deciding if you should share a tent with other people. If you don’t like people invading your personal space, then definitely bring your own individual tent. If you prioritize safety and want to save space in your backpack, invest in a big sharable tent instead. Happy camping!

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