Where To Buy Camping Tents In 2023

grey tent in forest woods on the side of a stream

You are looking to buy a camping tent for your next camping adventure but are unsure of where to go. I’m here today to give you some great options on where to go and explain why camping tents are a necessity.

Where To Buy Camping Tents?

1. REI

First, let’s talk about where to buy camping tents that are worth the money. The first is an online and in person store called REI which stands for Recreational Equipment Inc. REI is a retail chain carrying gear, apparel & footwear for a wide range of outdoor & fitness activities. They are going to have some of the best deals and prices on tents online! Also, they have Rooftop Tents available for purchase.

2. Amazon

The second place I highly recommend is Amazon.com. Amazon has low prices across earth’s biggest selection of outdoor equipment like tents, camping gear, helmets, and more. Plus, you can get free quick shipping when you start a 30 day Amazon Prime free trial so you can get items in time for your next trip.

3. Moosejaw

Moosejaw is a camping and outdoor retailer who sells a lot of products! They even sell some products that Amazon and REI don’t carry (ex: Mountain Hardwear Space Station Tent). You may want to comparison shop across these sites before buying the tent you want. Moosejaw sometimes has exclusive discounts on the best camping tents so check out their product offering.
Now that you know where to buy camping tents, let’s talk about why they are selling out fast! Here are some of the reasons why camping tents are worth it:

1. High value for the product and experience

Camping is one of the best experiences for an outdoor adventure trip and a camping tent plays an important role. If you are willing to pay a bit of money for a nice tent, it will be rewarding for years to come. Switching off from the pressures of modern life and spending time outdoors with family and friends is super relaxing and fun! Make sure you have a camping tent that you enjoy spending time in because it will make future camping trips more enjoyable.
woman and dog in a tent on the shore of a lake

2. You can escape the crowded city 

It’s covid season and I would not personally enjoy going back to work in an office with a bunch of other people because I am nervous I may get sick. Now is the perfect time to buy a camping tent and go camping outdoors. It’s just you and a few other people so you can enjoy the peace and quiet of nature. Plus, with summer 2021 approaching you may want to invest in a tent so you can enjoy the cool evenings camping out in the hills.

2 red tents and one blue tent in the forest mountains

3. Camping tents last about 5 years

A camping tent is a good investment because if taken care of, it will last for years. A tent can last much longer or much less depending on many factors that affect a tent’s life. You can expect to have a tent available to use for a while so it’s a smart purchase. The Space Station tent will last for years!

3 blue tents in the woods

So if you are looking to buy a tent, head over to REI or Amazon to find the best deals and lowest prices. Thanks for reading our article and feel free to leave a comment!

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