Why You Should Pick Up Ice Climbing This Year

A man with a backpack ice climbing in front of a glacier.

Is going on more adventures on your bucket list for 2023? Grab your best ice climbing boots and get sporty!

When people think of outdoor activities, extreme sports like ice climbing probably do not come to mind first. Ice climbing is a difficult activity that is physically demanding enough to be called a sport. This might be why most people have been apprehensive about it in the past. You might be surprised to learn that this is no longer the case!

As a winter sport, ice climbing is now gaining nationwide popularity in the US. Reportedly, over 2 million Americans actively participate in climbing/mountaineering. Many of these adventurous climbers like to get sporty on snowy terrains. If you are hesitant to try ice climbing, here are some ways in which this winter sport can transform your life!

1. It Helps You Face Your Fears

Even the most adventurous people start off being afraid of stepping outside their comfort zones. If you are scared of great heights or engaging in extreme sports, that’s only natural. However, you can try to overcome these fears by trying new things like ice climbing.

When you step into the snowy wilderness for ice climbing for the first time, you will likely feel intimidated. Once you can muster up the courage to start climbing, you will eventually start to enjoy the sport. Ice climbing can help you face your fear of the outdoors! Just do some training beforehand and always go with a group of other climbing enthusiasts who can guide you.

An ice climber in an orange jacket using ice axes

2. It’s a Great Way to Get Adventurous

Hiking and camping are accessible outdoor activities, which is why they are so popular in the US. However, these activities are not going to fulfill your appetite for a bigger adventure. For that, you need to participate in a tougher sport like ice climbing.

The cold winter months make many people gloomy and uninterested in the outdoors. Ice climbing can help revive your adventurous spirit by giving you something to look forward to, even in the winter. You can simply invest in the best ice climbing gear of 2023 to get started.

3. It Makes You Expand Your Horizons

Ice climbing is arguably the toughest winter sport you could participate in. The good thing is that it makes other winter sports seem easier by comparison. By participating in ice climbing, you can expand your adventurous horizons into other sports you might like. For example, most ice climbers are also mountaineers and rock climbers who enjoy conquering giant mountains throughout the year.

Once you become accustomed to ice climbing, you can venture into other sports like skiing and snowboarding. Depending on where you live, finding the best snowboarding parks, ice-climbing locations, and skiing spots is also easy! Just search for them online on sites like Back Country Gear.

4. It Strengthens Your Body

Apart from just having fun, the purpose of every sport is to help you become more active and athletic. Even the least physically demanding sports still require you to move around and exert physical and mental efforts. Sports like ice climbing help you stay active in ways you would normally never do. This makes the sport great for those adventurers who want to incorporate more physical activity into their daily, weekly, and/or monthly routines.

Research shows that climbing and mountaineering have amazing impacts on your handgrip strength, lower-limb pedaling power, jumps, push-ups, pull-ups, and sit-ups. Ice climbing makes you physically stronger by enhancing your ability to withhold pressure, harsh temperatures, and heavy weights. Ultimately, climbing while wearing the best ice climbing boots can be a workout that gives you that upper-body strength you’ve been seeking!

An ice climber in a red jacket and white helmet using ice axes

5. It Can Enhance Your Mental Well-being

Physicality aside, ice climbing can even improve your mental well-being! Many people who struggle with problems like anxiety and depression report that getting in touch with nature helps them. This is because outdoor activities can improve your quality of life and make you feel more enriched and energized.

Ice climbing is no exception to this rule. Studies show that ice climbing can significantly reduce your anxiety. It goes without saying that going ice climbing without a supervisor or another group of climbers that you trust will give you stress. However, going with other people can have great benefits for your mental well-being.

6. It is Extremely Rewarding

You can participate in sports just for fun, but nobody can deny the sense of accomplishment you get from doing so. Have you ever won a football match and felt a rush of adrenaline that made you feel proud of yourself? Well, ice climbing can be just as rewarding!

Due to the difficulty of this outdoor winter sport, many people only participate in ice climbing when they feel mentally ready to do it. Despite the climbing goals you set, finishing a demanding ice climbing adventure can reward you with higher self-esteem, satisfaction, improved mood, and a renewed attitude towards life.

Ice climbing also helps you get in touch with nature like no other sport does. When you are climbing on icy terrains, you get the closest you can to that natural landscape. For many nature lovers, this is a highly rewarding benefit of ice climbing.

7. Quality Ice Climbing Gear is Easy to Find!

The only thing that can make ice climbing an appealing sport to those who don’t like taking risks is high-quality ice climbing gear. You can ensure your safety and avoid life-threatening accidents by investing in the best ice tools for ice climbing. Thanks to the internet, finding ice climbing gear is now easy, too.

You no longer have to visit physical stores and spend hours scouring for suitable climbing gear. Instead, you can simply go to sites like Back Country Gear and find the best ice-climbing boots, crampons, axes, trekking poles, etc. You can also read reviews about ice climbing parks and popular gear to see what seasoned climbers recommend!

Two ice climbers using ice tools and gear

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